My body remains here

March 13, 2011
By Broken.Hearts.Get.Restiched BRONZE, Evergreen, Colorado
Broken.Hearts.Get.Restiched BRONZE, Evergreen, Colorado
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Life is like a hourglass glued to a table.

The pain I feel deep inside;
Is barley enough to hide the tears I cry;
I would give anything to sprout wings and fly;
Instead of waste away and die;
Thinking about something happier I try;
But, end up feeling my life go by;
Opening my eyes so wide;
Not knowing if what people say are lies;
Opening my eyes once more welcome to me, myself, and I;
Words I want to say rush through my skin as I constantly ask why;
The pain i feel deep inside;
Is barley enough to hide the tears I cry;
The tears I cry soak up this dull blank page;
I know not what to say that leaves my heart shattered for days;
The only thing I ask is for one kind praise;
For right here is where my body lays;
The broken parts of my heart be shuffled off by endless trays;
The endless trays turn to dust, as the last of my heart remains;
The blood in my veins feels like ice because of fear;
No one wants their end to be near;
So the only last thing I ask my dear;
Is that my body remains here.

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