Aquatic life

March 7, 2011
By MicroGiant GOLD, Elkhart, Iowa
MicroGiant GOLD, Elkhart, Iowa
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The land is not the only
One that has life things
May drown but others need
This necessity to live,
The surface is a pane of
Glass smooth and undisrupted,
Then it is smashed as
Bass leap out to get a
Fly flying by,
Underneath, the plants
Are lulled to sleep by the gentle
Rocking currents hiding bluegill
From hungry bass or catfish,
The slowly steadily setting sun
Brings more life to the lake
As the chattering of raccoons
Coming to the shore in search
Of fish that were left behind from
Fishermen, and owls hoot a sweet
Low melody, walleye that patiently waited
In the depths of the lake come out
Looking for a minnow or a
Small aquatic critter for a snack
And moths that are quickly
Gobbled by hungry bats that
Live for the night free of
The restraints from the light of day,
Pierced by the screams of petrified
Campers that woke up to find
A snake had made its way into their
Sleeping bags and rubbed up
Against their feet
All of these animals
Rely on one thing,
The water of the lake.

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