"I Love You" he said...

March 6, 2011
By cheeseisme94 GOLD, Georgetown, Illinois
cheeseisme94 GOLD, Georgetown, Illinois
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Never regret anything, because at the time it was what you wanted most.

“I love you” he said
I thought it was true
And then I found out
There was someone new

“I love you” he said
I knew it was a lie
I wanted to keep him
For myself that July

“I love you” I said
He knew it was real
But still made a kiss
To seal the deal

“I love you” he said
I got played like cards
And now my heart’s broken
Into so many shards

“I love you” he says
To his new girl
And now he’s the center
Of someone else’s world

“I love you” he says
In my memories
But I push them away
For new priorities

“I love you” he says
To me yet again
My heart says yes
But I can’t let him win

“I love you” I say,
“But I can’t take the pain.
Go play someone else.
I hate this game.”

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