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March 6, 2011
As I sit
before a poem
my eyes hope
for the alleviation
of their undying hunger
before them lies a feast

As I sit
Before a poem
My mind turns
to pull it apart and study
every syllable
for a word
an idea
a spark to start a fire
to burn away the old and
a whole new state of mind…

When a conscious mind can quench it’s
thirst for knowledge
it is a beautiful thing

Begin slowly
like a chick
clawing toward the light
for I have all the time in the world
word after word
line after line
stanza after stanza…

Dewdrops settling
on a trembling leaf
an old man’s footsteps
barely audible
beside the heavy tread of a


Trembling before a knock on a

heavy wooden door

which creaks open
with the promise
of warmth and gladness


Where a family grieves for its lost
where a lord makes a fateful decision
where a crowd gathers for joyful celebration

Ah, an epiphany of emotion

My mid delves
hoping for new ideas
and dreams
at every turn

I stand
my poem lies
before me
drawn and quartered

Its knowledge
to be transferred to
a human mind
its answers within reach
just a short leap away!
No epiphany here…

Can I discover the meaning?

Not likely.

but I can try…


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