March 6, 2011
By , Dexter, MI
Everyday I wake up happy
Every morning I usually don’t frown
Every afternoon I’m happier than before
Every night my family brings me the joy of life
But what happens when my everyday just isn’t the same?
When a heart beat is skipped
And a smile has fallen?
When I am reminded what has been said
And what has been kept silent
Telling the truth has always been important to me
Then the secrets started to build up
They built lies and ugly friends
The kind of friends that mean enough to you to hurt you
When the secrets were about to get out my friends would pry on the one thing keeping them safe
Too bad I was hurt for the secrets
Too bad they lost a friend
Kicked me to the curb
Damaged and almost not repairable
A life lesson is just what you might call it
But would you really call a once happy girl, who now hides in the corner cursing at happy friends a life

I doubt it
Everyday I wake up just fine
Every morning I turn the computer on
Every afternoon I can hardly breath
Every night my family comes home looking at me with worried eyes
Around midnight I wake up crying
Remembering back to only a couple months ago
At the same time
In the same place
I was with my friend
We were promising each other that we would always be there in times of need
Now I am crying with no friend worrying about what I could possibly need

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