The Monster from my Past

March 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I thought I could avoid the past, and live in today,
but alas I could only hold it at bay.
The monster returned from my past.
I thought I could move on, but alas
It came back to haunt us all; he has a right
To parent my baby brother that might makes right.

The monster is no different from a ghost;
He haunts my saintly mother the most.
He brings me anger; he's the most hated of them all.
Why isn't God answering our call?
My saintly mother tried to divorce from the past,
but the dreaded beast came back to haunt us alas.

It's impossible to move on, because this demon exists.
He turns our joy and my love for him into mist.
The monster's evil ways keep my rage fed.
Like my past, I wish he was dead.
My other brother would leave him for home.
From the past, we cannot roam.

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