Didn't they tell you I'm Crazy

March 19, 2011
By Clueless SILVER, Clearwater, Florida
Clueless SILVER, Clearwater, Florida
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Didn’t they tell you I’m Crazy

Darting eyes
From side to side.
Questions ring through the air
“ Oh why must I die?”
People stare I just smile
I wink at them and say
“Want to play for a little while”
I think this is how the world sees me.
Insane and in pain
Maybe lost
Or just plain lost her mind.
You look at me with utter confusion
But I don’t smile
Or wink this time.
You take my hand and smile
And ask if I will stay for a while.
What is the answer to such a question?
“Didn’t they tell you I’m crazy?”
“Yes but I’m just as crazy too”

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