Middle School

March 19, 2011
By zobird97 SILVER, DEXTER, Michigan
zobird97 SILVER, DEXTER, Michigan
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The halls are filled with kids, and the distinct smell of paper, disinfectants and girls perfume
fill the air.

Laughs ring out through the classrooms, while lockers are slammed shut
Girls applying their eyeliner, black as night.
Axe and cologne burn our noses
Girls strut through the hallways in packs,
And all of the guys are flicking folded pieces of paper through a goal,
Made of double L’s, left and right
Whispers hiss through the air, snickers into strawberry scented hands
Yelps of surprise as a person predictably jumps on the surprise piggy back ride opportunity
Yeah, we’ve all been there before
“Did you hear about so-and-so last night?!?!”
No, I didn’t hear about that!!
I don’t really wanna hear it
Secrets should be secrets, and invasion of privacy is illegal right?
Or something like that
You have the shallow girls, who hang on every word of what every guy is saying,
And then you have the sporty girls who, who live in the gym
There are those guys, who think they’re the bomb, and use the word shawty
in every other sentence,
The girls whose mouths are opening and closing so often, I swear you’d think they’d have a 3rd eye from the blinking
Cliques are so pointless,
And yet such a big thing in our lives
“Did you… have a thing… with blah blah blah??”
First of all, what’s considered a “thing” nowadays?
Things can be anything,
And how do you know if I had a “thing” if I don’t even know if I had a “thing”
It’s these types of things that makes me think that people should be more specific
Then again it’s Middle School right?
Therefore, no, I don’t know if I had a thing with blah blah blah.
Embarrassing moments, and completely awkward situations,
Like your table group consisting of your best friends Ex, that crazy chick who wears dark clothing, and that guy who comes up with the most insane speculations
Remind me again, since when did hairstyles and shirts become so important,
I miss those baggy jeans and t-shirts that said
With Ketchup and Mustard pictured above
Yeah, the good old days of elementary school, where the drama was who had the coolest Crocs
Before people judged you, before they had even spoken more than 2 words to you
But we’ve all grown up, we’re so much more mature than that.
Angry people who spit nasty things about you, just because you might’ve made them mad
The biggest blackmail scam ever:
“If you tell anyone, I’ll tell _____ you like him”’
People are forced to keep their lips glued, for the sake of their own feelings being spread around like wildfire
But eventually they get around, and you get burned
But what If you don’t want to deal with the pain?
People saying things to get their way
Calling people wh***s, rather than their actual names,
Catfights by lockers,
Popularity contests,
Breaking promises,
Hateful text messages,
Rude Formspring comments,
Endless teasing,
Who sometimes cry themselves to sleep every night.
I thought we were a family,
Almost 300 students,
And we’re constantly fighting,
And laughing at each other
Hating each other
You could say that we’re one of the same,
But that would be a lie
We shouldn’t have to worry about other people,
And what they are saying
We should be ourselves,
And we shouldn’t have to change a thing

I just want to be beautiful me
We’re all just chemicals in a pot
Reacting like bleach and chlorine
Class of 2015

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