Victory for me, As More defeat for you

April 11, 2011
I've written the past,
about the future,
and I've written the future,
about the past,
i don't think Much will do,
To bring me back to you.
Though I've sent you letters, cards, and candy.
The distance just keep blocking me from you,
I've been told "things happen because they do."
But this wasn't suppose to happen,
I've never doubted you even though you always doubted me in ever slightest way
and sometimes I'll think and reach the highest for the heavens above me. Hoping for a response, but now I've
received a message
from the gods above
that the times has come
for the giving up
that now i finally realized after 14 straight years
that it's time i women up,
feel the strength i have,
get the wisdom i need
and do whats best for me!
Now you've been deleted
and i feel no defeat, as much as i feel..
as i am victorious

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