You Will Fly

April 8, 2011
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When I was young
Free and sincere
I would gaze everyday
Into my innocence mirror
I did not know who was there
Looking back at me
The reflection often made me think
Who is this child that I see?
She laughed as I did
Ever motion was in line
Our smiles were an echo
Her movements were that of mine
The image of this girl
Normally flawless in all ways
Became distant and obscured
My mirror blurred with the days
Her once so naive eyes
The radiance amidst her face
It was swept away with the lies
I could no longer find a trace
Then one day too soon
My adored mirror cracked
the child was split in two
Strength is what she had lacked
My twisted reflection
Revealed one sullen tear
I threw my rage at the glass
Destroying what was once so dear
That formerly cherished mirror
Showed me when I was young and sincere
But now I look forward
With little pain and no fear

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