I'll Be

March 16, 2011
Silent beating of the soul

may show regards of unholy sacrifice

let showering petals calm this beating

may this accord be the answer

show me the truth

this that is kept locked away

may you relieve of this tension

shower your tears upon this earth

I lend you my soul

my heart for a key

I'll be the pathway to your salvation

The jar to keep your pain

I'll be your wall

your carriage to happiness

just open your eyes and see

I'll be here waiting

I'll stand at the sidelines

when finally it all goes down

I'll be the one there for you

I'll let you stand tall

I say this now to give you hope

I'll write it on paper to show the proof

I love you...

Through thick and thin I'll be there waiting

I'll be your mother, daughter, friend, sister

Nothing can make me change this decision

So once again I'll say

let your soul open up

let your heart melt the pain

I'll be your escape

Let this silent beating end

turn it into a holy sacrifice

let the petals rest among us

let this be the answer.

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