Creature of the Deep

March 16, 2011
By Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
Grayson PLATINUM, West Fulton, New York
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The sea had been calm,
the journey lonely,
before you emerged
and swore to show me
almost everything
I had yet to see
of beauty, up here
and deep underneath.
My thoughts are controlled;
my mind could not care,
forever entranced
by your striking stare.
I rested my head on
those golden waves,
completely ready
to go anyplace.
Forgetting the half
I was not seeing;
betrayed by your laugh,
no chance of fleeing.
Powers you gave me
took hold like a drug,
working perfectly;
you must be so smug!
You pull me down to
a crushing abyss.
Not afraid to drown,
I wait for the kiss.
Promise the future
and I go along,
not knowing whether
you are right or wrong;
falling once more for
your sweet siren song.

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