These Days

March 16, 2011
By , Lynwood, IL
It’s a bad day
And I’ll tell you why
It starts while I sleep
And ends when you don’t
When you go about your life
Singing the same old tune
Hoping for that cliché boon
Like you have shades over your eyes
A race-horse on track to its demise
The jock being a C.E.O or stockholder
With billions of shares but none for you
Mindless millions, minions malevolent
To a world that’s been all to benevolent
But what is it but a prosperous tool
For those who herd the marching fools
A man once said achieve your dreams
But how can I when the world screams
And reality knocks on my door
Kicking and knocking me to the floor
But what can one do to an industry
Where gas pollutes water
Then sold to you when it’s free
Used to water commercial crops
To feed the fatter you
And poison the starving we
Health given to the insurance agency
It’s a good day
And we all know why
It started at a slaughterhouse
And ended when the owner died

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