A love play

March 16, 2011
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Moving slow, hesitation, waiting for

someone to finish their lines

Awkward and staggered steps

Oblivious to all the ques

just looking to enjoy themselves

broken breathing, Nervous, Loud words

to mask the inexperience.

Finally starting to connect the dots,

and so ends the second act.

still looking to have some fun

Gaining clarity, excitement! Hopefulness

seeping out of every action.

fresh emotion and new relations.

both identical, Both looking in a mirror.

both having fun

Diving deeper, learning

to breathe without air

scared and frantic

not knowing what to do when it's all gone

Fun forgotten only a bad gut feeling

Paranoia, everyone is your rival, your enemy

jealously like a blanket blocking all other thoughts

suffocating trying to scrape the blankets away

needing air, needing to see what's there

now they're wondering was it worth it

Free, naked, everything's exposed

peace, everything's accepted

agony, will it come back again?

Love, what will come next?

the fun has changed into longing and needing

The thoughts rise again racing and racing

going so so fast

the driver pressing the gas

but the passengers just want to slow down

they know where they're headed

unscathed.... hardly unscathed

left beaten and bruised

taking advantage of and used

left to learn love's bittersweet irony

left alive to grow

they had no idea about the things they would uncover

they had no idea about the things they would learn

they had no idea what they were getting into

but in there moments of unrest

they triumphed in putting it all to rest

they left with love flowing through their veins

they left together at the end of the scene

they left together at the end of the play

they left in love and left love for others to play

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