Am I ?

March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Am I falling deeper down?

Never to hear another sound,

Days go by,

The suns so far,

Rain pounds down.

Am I dreaming?

I hope so,

The light is nowhere in sight,

Pretty soon I’ll end up blind,

Darkness over coming,

I cry out for the sun,

But when it comes I know I’ll just run,

The sun has become my enemy,

I’ve been trying to hide in the dark,

So many years,

Now I’m almost here,

But deep down I want the sun,

The rain can stop.

The sun can come out,

Maybe there will be a rainbow,

Am I so far down,

I can’t think of what a rainbow would be like,

I’m climbing up out of this hole,

I see a light it’s so bright,

I jump back down and disappear.

Has it really come to this?

Why have I become so afraid?

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