Two poems

March 16, 2011
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Wind carry me
through rolling hills and dry rivers
bring to life that which had none before
take from me if only to give to others
A necessary sacrifice to bring happiness and love
take from me that which I enjoy and spread it to those that need it
Burden me with the fear and terrors of life if it were to mean endless joy
Those of less fortune may be blessed and those with fortune to spare will share
Wind carry me
through the world in hopes of peace and friendship


Love intertwines with many different things
Like a storm of emotions mixed together
no one can grasp it
it fleets through our hands like sand
making its imprints in our lives to be remembered
it starts as an idea planted in a young mind
slowly it grows to be that of something more emotional
eventually in blooms like a flower
and petal by petal it can fall apart
but the base of it stays together and stays strong until the end

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