Love Makes You CRAZY!

March 16, 2011
Is it really true

that HE loves YOU?!

He should love me-

why doesn’t he?

Oh, how could it be true

that he loves you?

If he saw you on the street,

and you two had to meet,

it would not be discreet.

You’d stumble on your feet,

fall in his arms complete,

say “I love you my sweet,”

then “pass out” because of the “heat.”

I will not believe it’s true,

that he wouldn’t see through

a player... like you!

I won’t believe it’s true,

that HE loves YOU.

When you stalked him to the zoo,

(you shouldn’t have- he knew)

you should have withdrew,

when he reached his rendezvous.

Instead you pretended (it totally isn’t true),
that you were a touring, LOST, French Jew.

When you “dropped” your little “tissue,”

it was only from politeness (I assure you),

that he picked it up off his shoe,

and handed it back to you.

He swore you had the flue,

since you gasped “merci beaucoup”
with a whine like a cockatoo

and an accent clearly from Peru.

You should have ended your pursue

as he said “madam, adieu,”

but you humiliated yourself anew

(as you really, quite often do)

by ending your debut

with a gurgle “toodle-ooo!”

So yes, I am now through,

and because of my raving there’s only a few,

who still agree with you

when you say that HE loves YOU!

And wait! A little P.S. to you...

you should NOT have written that billet doux!

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