I Can Hurt No More

March 16, 2011
By chadwikithin BRONZE, Wood Lake, Minnesota
chadwikithin BRONZE, Wood Lake, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"its not that the world is ending we are just taking over"
Hopefully that is our senior class quote for the class of 2012 Next year that would be cool since the world i supposed to surprisingly end on 12-22-2012 at least i graduate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stupid pupils being so pure.
The lids will not shut.
They are no trouble,
they just clear me of my loving associations.

I feel numb, I see needle's
so big it dazes you.
They bring me sleep
I am so sick of baggage.

As I sleep peacefully I dream
I am a nobody. I feel like a bird,
flying free from my hellish reality.
I see more birds they all look the same as another.

I'm scared why can't I get up.
HELP! OPEN! I shout no one responding
to my cry's of need. I feel like a nobody.
I am becoming aware of my hearts last beats.
The only thing keeping me alive is my wife and kids.

I'm helpless, I feel like a floor.
Everyone walking over me
smiling at me crookedly
like they are happy they caused me more pain.

My skin so cold it hurts me.
I hear a loud noise
something crashing
I focus I am on the ground.
I see my wife and kids

I'm on the bed.
I flash my wife and kids a smile
to let them know I am just fine
My babies teary red eyes.
I can feel there sheer love for me.

Once again I'm becoming aware
of my hearts last beats.
My heart gives in I am no longer human.

I am now a eternal spirit,
That wanders the earth
My body resting eternally
without making a sound
I can hurt no more.

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