I Can Hurt No More

March 16, 2011
Stupid pupils being so pure.
The lids will not shut.
They are no trouble,
they just clear me of my loving associations.

I feel numb, I see needle's
so big it dazes you.
They bring me sleep
I am so sick of baggage.

As I sleep peacefully I dream
I am a nobody. I feel like a bird,
flying free from my hellish reality.
I see more birds they all look the same as another.

I'm scared why can't I get up.
HELP! OPEN! I shout no one responding
to my cry's of need. I feel like a nobody.
I am becoming aware of my hearts last beats.
The only thing keeping me alive is my wife and kids.

I'm helpless, I feel like a floor.
Everyone walking over me
smiling at me crookedly
like they are happy they caused me more pain.

My skin so cold it hurts me.
I hear a loud noise
something crashing
I focus I am on the ground.
I see my wife and kids

I'm on the bed.
I flash my wife and kids a smile
to let them know I am just fine
My babies teary red eyes.
I can feel there sheer love for me.

Once again I'm becoming aware
of my hearts last beats.
My heart gives in I am no longer human.

I am now a eternal spirit,
That wanders the earth
My body resting eternally
without making a sound
I can hurt no more.

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