The leafless tree

March 16, 2011
It has begun; everything engulfed in flames;
The sound of breaking glass fills the air.
Firefighters flee to the scene to help.
“Poof” is a sound heard as water shoots out of the hoses.

The smell of rubber burning in the air.
The fire burning every ones personal momentum's
such as record collections, jewelry, pictures and videos.

Ashes flying around into the lungs of the helpless.
The residents gathering in a circle to comfort each other.

Everyone feeling scared, with no where else to go.
The whispers and wines of people in the air,
the only thing left is what they wear.

A lot of people homeless, having nowhere to stay
their pride and work extinguished and gone forever.
Everything earned is now or will be forgotten.

The city folk overlooking the the flames and the smoke.
The reporters trying to take in the horrific scene.
Everyone running around feeling scared for another

The big outrageous fire is out.
The only thing left in the community
is one charred black leafless tree.......................

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