To All Who Struggle With Weight:

March 16, 2011
By HanaRhys BRONZE, Blountstown, Florida
HanaRhys BRONZE, Blountstown, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Memento Mori. Remember you are mortal. Remember you will die."

You know what?
I'm going to say this, but only once.
So you'd better listen and remember.

Please don't beat yourself up over how you look. You are as beautiful as they come.
So what if you're larger than the next girl that walks along?
So what if you don't fit into the popular crowds?
You are you. Never let anyone change that.

All of us, whether we be size 2 or size 22, are beautiful and gorgeous.
So you say that you won't get anywhere in life? In love?
That's an utter lie.
Sweetheart, you absolutely have the same chances that everyone else does.

Don't let the world bring you down, darlin'.
Embrace what you have. Flaunt it, even!
Let the world know that you are special and no one's gonna change that.


The author's comments:
To be honest, the reason I wrote this was because this is a topic that I feel strongly about.

I think that women who have more to them shouldn't feel left out.

We're beautiful also.

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