A Split Pod

March 16, 2011
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We've shared so many good memories together, we were two peas in a pod.
I use to go to bible school once every year, that's when I went to church and I believed in God.
I remember summer freedom and then sun shining on my face. I remember being so organized and every little thing had its own place.
I used to think how pretty the tree leaves were in the middle of fall. All their colors, all their shades, I was so loving, I loved them all.
You took me everywhere like I was all you would ever need.
You supported my achievements, cheered me on, and helped me succeed.
Eventually, though, you picked up a new, unusual friend.
His name was that of an illusion and you hinted we had reached the end.
All you ever do now is there and blankly stare.
His love is like a drug and it's too ugly for me to bare.
So, I stay at home all day and sit alone in my room.
I've killed all my flowers so I would not see any color of their's when they would bloom.
I no longer go to church to worship something that isn't even real.
I just think about how your new friend is and how he will always lie, cheat, and steal.
And although you will think he has not from you stolen much, I will know in the back of my mind you will never have that same warming touch.
You have taken the sunshine off of my face.
You have made me detest you, look at you with such disgrace.
My comfort zone has been wrecked and stretched so far.
I will pack up my bags, drive, and never stop this car.
Tears won't stop running down my cheeks and out the corner of my eyes because the life I thought I'd been living turned into all of these lies.
I no longer put things back where they are suppose to go.
My body's broken down so much, and it just goes to show...
It goes to show that you feel so easily and I will never again be that same pea.
I will never be there for you because you put a bad habit before innocent love, you put your drug right before me.

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