Sweet Despair

March 19, 2011
By irenerose PLATINUM, Lawton, Oklahoma
irenerose PLATINUM, Lawton, Oklahoma
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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King Jr.

Love is a delicate sorrow. 
It blooms and boasts of beauty in the sunshine,
And oh, how fragrant are its blossoms!
But sweet love,
Oh, especially the sweet love of mine,
How bitter you truly are!
You have captured me,
Overpowered by such dazzling exposures, 
And how I long to stretch out and bathe in your light. 
But in your light,
There lies in wait, 
A shadow; 
A darkness that cannot be removed even by the sharpest rays,
Oh, if I only knew!
I would hide away deep in a vault without emotions, without pain;
Without the controlling, sickly sweet odor of love. 
Oh, if it were my choice I would die alone!
Wrapped around the rocks of isolation as my only comfort,
And death my only friend!
Reach out!
Reach out to me! 
Love is such a tormented sorrow; 
How it binds me;
How it holds me tight in it's strangling grasp. 
Let go! 
Let go of me!
I am trying to escape!
But your beauty;
It weakens me. 
I am defenseless;
I am too dependent to trample on, alone. 
What is that?
Oh, sweet despair!
Death too, has deserted me!
I am left only with you,
Sweet love,
But why am I weeping?

The author's comments:
I love you, but it hurts to be so far from you. Love is beautiful, but it also so black and sad when it has to be hidden and repressed. Sometimes I wish I had no emotions at all. There would be no pain. But also no love.

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