The Hypocrite

March 17, 2011
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People are defined by whether or not they are hypocritical.
If you are hypocritical, you are evil, selfish, and egotistical.
If you are not hypocritical, you are lovely, genuine, and perfect.

But the true hypocrites are the people who seem genuine
Yet rely on lies and sneakiness to create an image of sincerity,
These people are truly heartless and more hypocritical than those labeled so.

Those who are recognized as hypocrites are the truly honest people.
We are all hypocritical in our own unique ways,
Whether it is by insignificant words or deliberate actions.

Should a mother who says not to eat sugar, then indulges in a lollipop
Share the same label of a drunken man who abandons his family
After he promises never to let them go?

If we were judged based on our hypocrisy
and not the degree to which we are hypocritical,
then we would all be considered as horrid as a man who turns on his family.

A person should not be defined on whether they are genuine or hypocritical,
They should be defined and their level of hypocrisy,
And their ability to recognize their own faults and flaws.

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