March 17, 2011
By BBChick SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
BBChick SILVER, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Don’t judge me until u get to know me, cuz i may turn out to be someone u never would have expected me to be, that could be a good thing or a bad thing im not gonna tell…I guess you’ll jst have to find out for yourself :)

Its funny, try going back to a time where you once thought of things from a totally different perspective then you do now. Imagine if the situation was reversed what you may have done instead, putting yourself in the others persons shoes, seeing what could’ve been going through their mind, why they made the choices they did, what they were feeling when all of this was happening. Not making any regrets but realizing is it fair to judge them completely for happened? If you look at in their point of view is it possible that you may have done it as well if put in the particular position? Maybe yes, maybe no but that could just be because you don’t know the whole story. Everyone is free to make their own decisions but we all know sometimes they get conflicted...Peer pressured, distractions, or possibly they were made when the person was going threw a hard time. Old thoughts that ran throughout your naive and paranoid little brain making up stories of fantasy and wants, when the truth was staring you in the eyes the entire time and you were just in denial. It made you feel better to believe that, because you had went threw enough and the fact of something else not turning how you wanted it to be was much to painful to comprehend. You think to yourself “Wow I can’t believe they did that, I’m never talking to them again!” But what if just for a second you thought of why they did it. Maybe they were doing everything in their power not to hurt you and you just didn’t ever get a hint. In the end you have to decide was it really all their fault or could a portion of it been yours as well? Yeah they could’ve have gone about things a different way, except now they will if something like it ever happens again. They now have experience, they learned, and possibly even though the person may have made tons and tons of mistakes, and I’m sure in more ways then one they helped you to become even better person than you were before. Life is ever changing and if you don’t go along with it you might just get left behind. So what are going to do? Maybe today could be the day when you take responsibility for you actions, apologize for the hurt you may caused, and just move on. Maybe you will never want to be friends with them but the level on which enemies and hatred is located is uncalled for.It's your life, your the boss, always up to you when the start over date is. Maybe It's time to take the blame?

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