If I could tell you what's on my mind, then this is what I'd say.

March 17, 2011
your sickly sweet demeanor
will only get you so far in life.
that disgusting fake laugh,
fools no one but yourself.
those perfectly white teeth in that plastered-on smile,
doesn't hide the true sneer behind it.

someday soon, you'll regret
making those peoples' lives miserable,
because they'll eventually
be your employers.

losing track of the boys you've been with,
is not trophy-worthy, newsflash.
the ones you call worthless,
have actually got more character in their big toe,
than you do as a whole.

maybe in the end you'll see,
that the best things in life aren't handed to you.
Having the blondest hair,
doesn't make you the prettiest,
and having the newest clothes,
doesn't make you the cutest.

because as this comes to a close,
i just want you to know,
i would honestly not cross the street to spit on you.

you'll live your life the same as you always have,
and for that, i feel sorry for you.
because those of us who are different,
will make the best of this wonderful life,
while you miss out on everything that actually matters.

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