Leaky Faucet Mouth

March 16, 2011
I hate to admit that I’m falling hard
because our distance forbids us as a whole,
and that is only half of it.
It’s as if these times are futile,
brutally keeping you away from me.
I’m scared to let you see the truth behind
the lies I speak but my feelings are
starting to leak,
dripping the words I’m afraid to say-
day after day drops and drips
fall from my lips
and start to hint at
how much I care.
It is so unfair how love is so unequal.
I’ve got the s***-end of this rope,
but I’m hoping that maybe
one day you will see through
all of these pressing issues.
I’ve caught the cold and I’m using tissues
and after every blow I realize
how much I miss you.
Before April, it was November
and all I can remember
is how much I loved
being around you.

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