'Cause I Can

March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

They say "home is where the heart is"
But my heart is where my home is
Guess I just lost my soul
Think it went Devil Hoppin'
Believe I just lost my mind
'Cause my feet are just not stoppin'

They tell me to quit the fight
But I know inside I'm right
Guess they don't want me to succeed
Think I'm doing too damn well
Believe they're non-achievers
'Cause I buy what they don't sell

They wait for me to fail
But they'll only hear my tale
Guess I finally matured
Think I'm alas able
Believe I will live on
'Cause my life is not a fable

They do not appreciate my being
But they don't see what I am seeing
Guess they got all caught up
Think that they don't give a damn
Believe I shall achieve my goals
'Cause I know I can

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