March 16, 2011
By Matt Owen BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Matt Owen BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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Walls serve many purposes
They keep in and keep out
They stop movement in its tracks
Everything can fall victim to the walls
The walls that people put up
The emotional
The tangible
The subconscious
The imaginary walls
These walls that people put up
These walls ruin friendships
These walls stop invaders
These walls provide good and bad choices
These walls can determine the course of life
These walls can alter direction
For the good and bad
These walls are always there
They can be taken down
But sometimes their damage can be felt forever
These walls impact the friendships, relations, and choices
That molds the path of lives
These walls
Are life changing

The author's comments:
I'm always considering walls, both tangible and emotional when I deal with people, and boundaries.

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