I Squandered Love

March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

You loved me,

Till I loved you even more,

I didn’t realize the love,

Till it was already too late,

I knew all along it was there but,

I was just so scared,

It was so new,

I should have known not to throw you away,

But then we tried to renew the love,

It just wasn’t the same,

I loved you so much and still do,

But your love was dismantled,

Now I sit her wondering why,

I knew it was something,

I was just scared,

Ruined my first love,

I want it back,

But I know it can never be the same,

We’ve both changed,

Maybe it can work,

If we both try,

It will be really tough,

I understand,

But what we had boy,

I want it back so bad.

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