It's Fine

March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Its okay, your ruining me,

I’m building walls too high,

Now I can’t see,

Walls so high, seems like way beyond the sky,

You broke them down,

But here I am once again,

Building walls too high to climb,

I don’t like the walls,

But they keep the hurt away,

Walls so high constitute no pain,

Without the walls the hurt lurks,

Even though you’re so inevitably happy,

The hurt is coming sooner or later,

The only way I can hide is to build these walls too high to climb,

With you here no walls were needed, you were my guard,

Then you left me unguarded, my heart completely fell apart,

All I needed was one simple thing and that was you,

But now I’m all alone and I don’t know what to do,

You were teaching me life and beyond,

Abruptly you left like an old song,

I’m falling deeper in the hole,

I’m loosing my soul,

I’m obsessed with wanting you,

I keep it bottled up,

I want you so bad,

All my dreams consist of you,

I don’t wish to dream the dreams of you,

I rather forget and find someone new,

It seems that’s rather a fantasy though,

Cause right now I am stuck alone,

Deep breaths,

All I feel is emptiness,

Hold in the tears and all your fears,

And tell yourself it will be better in the next few years…

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