March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Our lips touch,

It electrifies me,

Nothing matters anymore,

I’m amazed,

All my fear disappears,

A feeling comes I’ve never felt before,

This has got to be love,

I’m no longer alone,

Insecurities have no path,

It’s indescribable really,

I’ve kissed you so much,

And still this feeling I get,

I’m confused,

But as long as I have you it’s all okay,

Abruptly I startle awake,

To find out all too soon that it was all fake,

You’re still gone,

But it seemed so real,

Just like old times,

I start to get queasy,

What a nightmare,

I would have rather dreamed myself dead,

I’m trying to move on without you,

But my dreams won’t obey,

This is impossible,

I just want you so bad.

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