March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

How can we pretend this is nothing?

Especially when we both know it is something.

Yet we keep pretending?

We are the wind,

The feeling is so strong sometimes,

But because we can’t see it,

We pretend it’s not there.

You are my rollercoaster ride,

Thrilling, exciting, and high,

I loved it,

Till it won’t end.

For some reason,

Even though it makes me sick,

I want to go back on it again.

You’ve got me hooked like a fish,

And I don’t want to let go cause the worms so good,

You know you’ve got me so you throw me away,

Then come back and catch me another day,

Cause I will always want the worm,

We are like little kids playing house,

At first we are playing in a doll house,

But then we grow up and see its all real,

And harder,

So of course you,

You run,

Maybe we can pretend this something is nothing?

And maybe we can pretend we were never meant to be,

Until one day you find the one you’ll marry,

And all you can think about is me,

Then you’ll see,

How true love can be,

Truly tricky.

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