March 13, 2011
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Need you know?
But there is no guy on this earth that I couldn't live without
I would be perfectly fine without getting my heart broken every 5 minutes
Just don’t get into drama
But this nasty vine keeps reaching out,
Pulls me in and raps it restless thorns around my wrist
It holds me until I’m at my last breath,
Then lets me go
Once I’m free I run as fast as my sore legs will let me.
I felt something scratching at my ankles
I run faster.
The dark inky tress rap and twirl through the path,
I see a sliver of light
I run towards it
But that sliver is getting smaller
As I run the crisp, bitter cold air feels like knives slicing through my skin.
My eyes start to water, making everything blurry
I look back the vines slithering,
Catching up to me
I finally trip over a log
The vines grab me again
Squeezing harder this time
Its dark,
I can’t breathe.
The only sounds I can hear are coming from my deep soul.
Then everything goes black.

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VballChick said...
Oct. 31, 2011 at 3:11 pm
good but put more emotion in it
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