No longer

March 12, 2011

This is my fear, my fault, and it's my fight
No longer will the one's I love pay
For what I've done, for what I have caused
No longer will there be this hurt
By every person that I am around
One day this is all going to end
End of the abuse, or maybe the end of my life
To me, it all end the same way
Nothing and no one is going to stop me
May I get hurt or die trying
I'll end up forever strong or forever young
No matter how this fight ends
All finally have my pride back
No longer shall I be scared
No longer shall I be weak
I won't have to live constantly in fear and fight
It's by my own bullet, or his own knife
May it have to be, by myself, or with help
Only limited outcomes will come from this
Living a life of hell, or living the rest in heaven
No longer shall I disgrace this Bacher name, no more shame
This is not how I was raised to me
A weakling, a coward, hopelessly running from my fear
Bacher's are strong, bullhead, and hot blooded
Most importantly, we are couragous and fight
Not know to roll over and run from the danger
I am going to go down swinging or prevail
I've deal with/ his crap too long
No longer shall he hurt me
No longer will I be pushed down and kicked
It's my turn to step up and finish this
No long will the ones I love pay for;
What I have done, for what I've caused
No longer will there be hurt for;
Every fucking person that cares for me
Especially, my loved one, the one's I hold dear
No long shall I lie to them
About the marks and bruises, the pain and suffering, the fighting and crying
No longer
No longer
Will I live this nightmare
No longer
No longer
Will I keep this lie

The author's comments:
This is about abuse and the harm it does not only to the person themselves but how it effected everyone around her and started a domino effect

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