March 12, 2011
I've gotten my wish,
'Staying Alive',
Even after the 'Ends of Time',
Like a character in a game,
Can never Die,
Full life in take,
Finishing every level,
One right after the other...

I've gotten my wish,
It comes to an end,
For everything,
So they say,
It's not on my side,
Could leave the game forever paused,
never letting someone's life fade,
'Sands of Time' do run out,
Just not for me,

I've gotten my wish,
A character paused,
I won't be 'Left 4 Dead',
Beat'n, Stabbed, and Busied
It doesn't matter,
I can't die,
So you can't leave me,

I've Gotten my Wish,
With 'Control' in hand,
You, 'Fate', can take your time,
look around and explore,
World, Ocean, Star, and far beyond,

I've Gotten my Wish,
It's Set in stone,
I've 'Cheated' death,
Nothing can be done,
On the verge of Reaper's Skur,

I've Gotten my Wish,
I can be shot, bombed, and gassed,
But like war,
I will never....change,
I've gotten my Wish...

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