Is this really so cliche?

March 15, 2011
Everywhere I look I think to myself...
This is so cliche.
Girls in there fancy dresses,
pulling their dates along like little puppies.
Poor boys are just hoping to get lucky.
This whole place is decorated like a fairytale.
Just what you would expect.
I secretly bet at least one girl gets pregnant tonight.
Why am I even here?
I already told him I don't do cliches.
I don't belong with these people.
They don't want me here.
Me and my freshman self don't belong here.
So why am I going through with this?
I wish we were going to the party.
At least I would be with people I know.
But I said yes to this...
Now maybe I regret it.
...or not
I turn to look at him and he looks so excited.
It's so cute I cant help but smile.
He tells me he's so happy I decided to come.
I blush when he tells me I'm the most beautiful girl there...
even though I know he's wrong.
The nervousness starts the moment his friends walk up to us.
I get the "look" from the girls.
He doesn't notice.
He pulls me closer when the guys look me up and down.
They tell him congrats.
Some make friends with me,
I begin to feel comfortable.
He asks me to dance, I say no.
But he convinces me to.
After that, the night becomes amazing.
Colors swirling as we dance.
Music blasting.
Mixtures of the laughter's.
This is too much fun.
I'm sad to hear them announce the last dance.
Feeling his heartbeat as we sway.
He asks me if this was really so cliche.
I whisper in his ear...
"Not when I'm with you."
He whispers against my lips...
"You just made my night."

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BeautifulCacophony said...
Apr. 28, 2011 at 4:43 pm
Very nice!! Very cute!! Your poem really told a story, and I liked it! :)
prettygirl85 replied...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 12:09 pm
Thanks for reading it, it's not my best though.
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