i miss you

March 15, 2011
By , Murrysville, PA
Molten glass dripping,
From the fire of my bleeding eyes,
I count every step you take,
The pretty little crystal drops,
Shattering as they hit the ground,
A gunshot rips through my chest,
Blood gushing from what’s left of my heart,
Camouflage uniform,
Gun strapped to your side,
My voice can’t break through,
Reality won’t open my eyes,
To what’s happening,
Your bus drives off,
Leaving me in the dust,
Sitting on a burning red couch,
Holding the only picture of you,
The setting sun filtering through the blinds,
You’re loving eyes,
My only comfort in this dismal world,
Please come back,
Don’t let them take you away,
You’re all I have left here,
Your patient smile,
You always understood me,
You always knew what was best,
I need you here,
Don’t take a walk with Jesus,
I love you,
With all my heart,
And I wanted you to know,
I miss you daddy

With Love Your Little Girl

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