March 15, 2011
By RiderWriterReader BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
RiderWriterReader BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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A fight to the death with a vampire has a few inherent problems

Every girl needs one,
And so does every boy.
It doesn't matter who you are,
Where you live,
Or what you look like.
Everyone needs one.

Without one, we'd be lost,
Hopelessly confused.
We'd go through life,
Sad and all alone.
That's why everyone needs one.

It doesn't matter your race,
Your height,
Your weight,
Your age.
Everyone needs one.

With one, we're content,
Happy all the time.
It makes your life so much better.
Why wouldn't you want one?

I cannot guarantee, however,
That one will last forever.
Things change.
Things fade.
Everyone still needs one, though.

But why not enjoy one?
At least, while it lasts.
And last some will,
For years and years on end.
That's why everyone needs one.

Still, some will only last for
But every one is precious.
And everyone needs one.

I won't tell you what it is.
I'll leave that for you to figure out.
But I'll give you one last hint:
Think of things,
You cannot live without.
Then see what tops your list.

The author's comments:
I hope that people will understand not everything that's important is necessarily material, and that you should hold on to things that are important to you.

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