Waiting and Wanting

March 15, 2011
By Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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Waiting for the “ding”
Hours pass
As I sit staring at my screen

My leg taps like a jackhammer
I’m nervous
And I’m worried

I don’t know what you’ll say
How will you respond?
What will your reaction be?

I’m afraid of what will happen
How will this affect us?
The ball’s in your court now

And I’m still waiting
I will be for hours to come
Because you’re not home yet

You won’t be for hours
It’s been 23 so far
And there are at least 3 to come

To be honest I’m scared
I’m shaking from fear
What this could do, could kill us

That’s why I’m afraid
That is my biggest fear
Losing you

Telling you what I feel
Might push you away
And I don’t want you to

You might not feel the same
But you don’t need to
All I need is for you to be okay with it

To be okay with how I feel
To accept it
Like you accept a hurt dog

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