The Quicksand of Sadness

March 15, 2011
Comes to you undesired
He is a quicksand
In which if you step in unexpectedly
You can’t pull yourself out without the help of Happiness

Revolves around you
Waiting for you to explore the joy of life

Sadness sinks you deeper inside him
Selfishly taking you along
To a world of loneliness

Lending a hand
Reaching for your sinking arm
Floating over your pool of tears

Thinking Happiness can’t rescue you in time
Hungry and cruel grabs you by the leg
While Sadness pulls you by the other leg

Both desiring you to come along with them
Inviting you
One to a world of tears
The other to a world of screams

Happiness is still hovering over you
Waiting patiently
Longing to be your friend

Fall into her arms
Remembering memories you spent with her

Happiness will embrace you
Obtaining you from
Sadness and Fear

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