A Rose

March 15, 2011
In a meadow surrounded by millions
Its beauty stands out
A bouquet of a hundred multicolored flowers
is no match for just one rose dipped in an intense hue
My eyes gazed at the shy flower standing in the wilderness
Frozen are the eyes of others
as it dances gracefully back and forth with a breeze
How did Mother Nature bestow all her beauty to a rose?
From its spirals to its stem each rose has the same structure
Each one is still individual, holding its own exquisiteness
I bent down to smell a luminous yellow
As I whiffed, a waterfall rushed up my nose
Swishing, Swooshing, and Swirling
It flowed from my nose through my body and out my toes
I felt as though I had just flown up to the clouds
Bounced upon them and then had laid on them with my eyes closed
Relaxed with the even breathing of Mother Goddess
Its fragrance so striking and deep
A melting ice cube with a touch of sweetness
I touched the bloom’s outer layer
It felt like a smooth and silky cloth
Stepping back I looked at the other roses
Red, yellow, orange, pink, and white
Each color telling a gist
Look closely and read what a rose it telling you

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