March 15, 2011
Words and sentences
keep flitting
Through my head
Like a song
Stuck in your head
Even though
You don't know the words

You and Giacomo
Speaking to each other
Me, keeping silent
Lost in my thoughts
About you both
A different friendship
Than I could hope for
Streaks across my face
I pray you don't see

A stability
I could never have
Because I fit
I like to be by myself
With company

I feel like I'm walking
on a high rope
With everyfriend I make
I make it
To the other side
All is fine
with the group I've allied with
Someone pushes me back
Off the edge
They never see the wings
I have, on my back
flying higher
To something better,
Or worse

I envy
What you have
I'm tired
Of no one being able
To handle my
Demanding personality
Sucks for girls
They don't even get it
Not for a second

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