should i

March 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Should I?

Should I express myself to the world, or should I close my eyes, say good-bye and after say no words?

Should I live my life my life as a normal teenager, or should I live my life as a total stranger?

Should I apologize to the people I hurt the most, or should I disappear like a dawn ghost?

Should I leave everything I lived in my past, or should I remember everything and bring down my world fast?

Should I forget about the lies and painful tears you left inside my heart, or should I go through the whole process of crying and put myself apart?

Should I stop myself from making the wrong choices, or should I listen to my bad voices?

Should I cry, sit in my bedroom and don’t talk, or should I get up, get out, call a friend and take a walk?

Yes, maybe I should…. Who do I think I am to bring myself down? No, no, no… I am Iris Williams and I won’t put myself down.

Should I complete my mission, or should I another decision?

Should I skip my fears and triggers or should I let them get to me and cut me deeper?

Should I say hello to good-bye, or should I run to you when I see you walk by?

Oh, god I think should continue this another time…. I mean, my heart is too weak to keep on with sentimental poem I’m writing to you my love.

I love you dearly, but I just can’t do this I wish I could make things work, but nothing that I try for us does not seem function.

The author's comments:
this poem really has inspired my whole family to believe that i can do anything i put on dreams on.

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