Her (a poem)

March 15, 2011
By Dawnster BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
Dawnster BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
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When you see her

I'm sure to be there

When you see me

She'll be close behind

'Joined at the hip'

Is what they joke

Not understanding

That's how we like it

And that's it always will be

Short wavy chocolate locks

Next to her

Long straight sunbeams

Bright jade pools

Reflecting in my own

Dark coffee eyes

She's clad in blue and black

I'm clothed in white and pink

Two sides of the same coin

When separated


An ancient oak

And its emerald leaves

A golden beach

And the Sapphire ocean

So very different

But unable to exist

Without each other


We don't know the word

Not when it comes to one another

Don't tell one of us something

You don't want the other to know

Don't hurt one

Unless you want the eternal enmity

Of the other

No need to speak

We understand each other

Just fine without words

A meaningful glance at me

During a boring activity

And I'm trying to explain

Why I can't stop laughing

And she's laughing right along

With me

She's upset

And I'm there


Reassuring her

'It'll be fine'

I'm crying

And she there at my side

Wiping my tears away

Telling me

'It's okay'

I save her from drowning

In her own fears

Again and again

Pulling her out of the rough waters

Pointing out the sun

Convincing her the storm clouds on horizon

Aren't really there

But it's only a temporary respite

Until the next tide comes in

And the world that has hurt her so many times

Throws her back to sea

And she catches me

When I start to fall off

The cliff of my own mind

Retreating into myself

Cutting off the world

To avoid being hurt again

Showing me that there are enough stars

To make it worth living

In the night




All of the above

But not quite

Nothing else can compare

To what we have between us

So when you see me coming

She's certain to be there too

You can't have one

Without the other

Not truly

You can have the empty masks we show

To the world

But not the faces behind them

She'll hold my facade in her hands

And I'll grasp hers

As we speak

Costumes abandoned


Because it's only us


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