be willing

March 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Be willing to pay any price for truth, Buy the truth and do not sell it, get wisdom, discipline and understanding

Be willing to face the world with positive attitudes, don’t let any obstacles ruin your achievements in life, just keep on with your goals and be happy

Don’t look back or you’ll remember, don’t look down or you’ll drown, just look up and you’ll be free, and always look straight ahead to your future

Be willing to accept good chances in life, when someone lends you a hand….take it, don’t be afraid we’re always here to help you

I’ve made some bad choices through out my childhood, and thank God I learned from my mistakes

And I swear, that I’ll never make myself go through one more disgrace

Sometimes I’m afraid that I won’t make the right decisions in life….but I don’t worry because I got God with me at all times.

The author's comments:
this poem explains a lot how i am in real life and how i communicate with the world.

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