Hardest Thing Is Goodbye

March 15, 2011
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For my sister, Jesika

“Yeah, I know there are more important things, But don't forget to remember me.” (From Carrie Underwood’s song- Don’t Forget To Remember Me)

Leaving was the hardest thing to do.
Hugging her so tight, tears fall down my face.
I wish she wouldn’t go, but that would be dumb.
If I wasn’t so close to her, I wouldn’t feel this way.
Then again, I wouldn’t love her so much.
I feel privileged to know the feeling of love.
Even though it’s not romantic love,
It’s better.
As I let go and drive away,
The tears don’t do the same.
I love her so much, and it hurts to leave.
But, I know in my heart it’s the right thing.
After all, maybe this journey will make us stronger.

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