Nikki My Firework

March 15, 2011
By Alliso6 GOLD, Kennewick, Washington
Alliso6 GOLD, Kennewick, Washington
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You’re the first thing on my mind when I awake
And I lay awake at night with you on my mind before I fall asleep
On my mind every minute of every hour of everyday
I’m glad Nate and I are over
This is a new chapter of my life

And I want you to be apart of that chapter
Now and always
I realized with him I wasn’t happy
I only tricked myself into believing I was
When I was truly miserable and was in denial the whole time

Before you I was drifting through life like a plastic bag in the wind
Just trying to survive hoping that somehow it would all work out
You are the spark that changed all of that
I was no longer hoping that somehow it would all work out
With you I knew it already would no matter what got in our way

When I read your emails or IMS a smile instantly comes to my face
A smile that only u can create
This new chapter I’m giving up everything I’ve come to know and luv
My friends, family former mortal life
All to be with you and Banesha, become a Vampyre

And honestly it’s the best decision I’ve ever made
I may have to wait some time tell we can be together in Romania
But that’s ok I’m being paitent bc I luv u and that will never change
I will also luv Banesha like I luv u bc she’s my stepdaughter
I kno we don’t get to spend much time together even IMing but that’s ok

Because I cherish that time and when we are finally together we will have all the time to be together
And do soo much more together
Have new experiences and just be together
I don’t care what anyone else thinks
Because I luv you Nikki

You remind me of a firework
Because there’s a spark in you
That spark that I luv about you mysterious
Like the fourth of july
Because my sweet luv you’re a firework

And you always will be.

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