13 Seprerates...One Whole

March 15, 2011

A man sits alone,

Writing the words.

He makes 13 separates

Into one strong whole

While a battle rages on

Surrounding him

With motivation.

He tries to fix

A million wrongs.

Flash Forward

One difference in the whole

One right that is questioned

This mans word

Meant to bring together

Now are destroying.

Flash forward.

The troops are marching

To defend all people and

Those rights, written in war.

The troops combine

United against one enemy

Ending the death and evil in the world.

Flash forward.

That war now done.

Peace had followed, until

One man had emerged

Using oil as his cover

He manipulated twisted

And murdered his people

Into unwavering submission.

We are still fighting

Hoping to protect

Hoping to enforce

Those words

Written in the heat of battle

Ringing true still today.

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