Like a Diamond

March 7, 2011
The life of a child,
Should be something that’s treasured.
Treasured like a diamond,
Loved like a diamond.
Would you throw out a diamond?
Of course not.
It’s too valuable,
Too precious.
Unique in its own way.
So why throw out a child?
Have it killed because you don’t want it?
Just because it’s not formed any human characteristics,
And you think it’s nothing,
You’re killing a soul,
Ruining a life.
Would you smash a diamond?
No, you wouldn’t.
You’d care for it.
Hold it to you closely.
Make sure no one laid a finger on it.
If you’re ever thinking about ruining a child's life,
Compare it to a diamond,
Just for a second.
See what you get out of that.
It’s worth the thought.

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-QUEENCOURT-neyElaine said...
Aug. 30, 2012 at 6:26 am
I like the peice and the thoughts behind it however te poem does not really flow as well as it could! Great work keep it up :*
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