Ray of Light

March 7, 2011
By lindseyh SILVER, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
lindseyh SILVER, Whitehall, Pennsylvania
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Bright big ball, bouncing through the sky
Shining your golden rays upon earth’s wonders.
Energizing life with your radiance,
Show your luminous face to the brand new day.

Bring your friends red, orange, and blue
Across the sky with you.
Illuminate the meadows and valleys,
Shimmer your glow through all the gloomy alleys.

Send your sparkle soaring upon the streams
Create glistening reflections to prime the world to chase its dreams.

Your light may hide from me tonight
But you are beaming your smile elsewhere with all your might.
I know you, in the morning you won’t let me down,
When I awake to a grin and not a frown.

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